The European incubator of the Brussels Bar (INCUEBRUX) is an international organization set up by the French-speaking Order of lawyers of the Brussels Bar, in collaboration with the Dutch-speaking Order of lawyers of the Brussels Bar. Together, the two Orders represent over 8,000 lawyers. INCUEBRUX is an international joint committee for innovation and modernisation of the legal profession. It addresses technological challenges faced by legal professionals and how to cope with them while promoting high standards of professional conduct.

Innovation and modernization of the legal profession


Particular features

INCUEBRUX is different from most of the existing initiatives in the Belgian and foreign Bars:

  • It deals with all the questions arising from technological innovation, legaltechs and the reform of the profession;
  • It brings together lawyers, academics and experts from Belgium and abroad in fields as varied as law, economics, management, philosophy or engineering;
  • The initiative is European and international both in terms of membership and in terms of partnerships with other Bar associations.


The mandate of the European Incubator of the Brussels Bar is:

  • to train and to inform attorneys on technological innovation in the legal sector;
  • to inform the board of the Bar association on technological issues;
  • to be a forum on the future of the legal profession;
  • to take measures aiming at supporting innovation in the legal sector while ensuring high standards of professional conduct;
  • to consider the pooling of resources and services among fellow bar members;
  • to unite European initiatives in the field of technological innovation and their consequences for the legal profession.